The most personal, effective and fun way to Level Up your skills.

The Arcanum delivers a personalized learning experience that values people over place, and coaching over content.
Using the time-tested Master & Apprentice learning method within an online social community, you can quickly close the gap between aspiration and ability.

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Apply now to join The Arcanum and be part of an exciting new learning experience, community and movement. Your application will be placed in the Apprentice Antechamber until a Master personally invites you to their Cohort.
Monthly Membership Dues will only begin after you accept a Master's invitation.

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Our Mission is to unlock the creative awesome in every individual, and thereby, enrich the world.

A Magical Learning Experience

Unlock the Awesomeness within You!

Our mission is to unlock the creative awesome in every individual, and thereby, enrich the world. View our Core Values.

We combine the best parts of the Master & Apprentice learning method and we supercharge it into a magical learning experience™ that places YOU at the center of it all.
  • One-on-One Coaching and Critiques by a Master
  • Custom Learning Path based on Your Goals
  • Encouragement and Accountability from your Cohort
  • Vast selection of Learning Resources in the Grand Library
  • Inspiration from the entire Arcanum community
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Our Vision is to create a connected movement around what we love: lifelong learning, creativity and art..

Epic Stories of Life Change

Hear Directly From Apprentices and Masters

We're honored to provide a place where individuals can learn and grow within a strong relational community. Visit The Arcanum Stories to hear more from our members.

Caleb Asch
Apprentice, Level 11

My cohort is my second family, only without the emotional/historical morass that a blood family has. We are compassionate and supportive.

Tricia Booker
Apprentice, Level 20

I’ve never had another professional photographer spend so much time with me, taking each image and analyzing its strengths and weaknesses.

Molly Kate
Apprentice, Level 15

You can’t get enough of it. It keeps you going through rough work days, hard times, and those moments you just need a little boost.

Ava Bock
Apprentice, Level 12

The most important realization so far has been recognizing and acknowledging my own value and the value of my work. I am slowly coming to terms with all the roadblocks I have put in my own way over the years. No longer blaming others for my failings and refusing to allow myself to feel powerless. My work is changing all on it's own. A truer more centered version of myself is slowly beginning to appear and so is it's reflection in my work.

Jacob Surland
Apprentice, Level 6

The Arcanum is an overwhelming passionate experience. It's like falling in love. You are busy doing whatever it is that you usually do, and then all of a sudden, BAM, you are hit by a freight train that turns your world upside down.


Allow our curiosity to create an ever-growing and multi-faceted mind

The Arcanum... How it Works

The first few steps within The Arcanum are common to everyone who applies but quickly becomes customized to your specific interests and learning goals. Here's a quick glance at those initial milestones. If you have additional questions have a look at our FAQ.

Apply to The Arcanum

The application process is fun, fast and free. You provide a few details about yourself, your interests and goals. Then your application is placed in the Antechamber where Masters personally review and select their next Apprentice.
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Join the Grand Library

The Grand Library houses a vast, rapidly growing collection of amazing learning resources, including incredible tutorials and critiques from amazing Masters. You can enjoy the Grand Library while you wait for a Master to select you.
Learn more about the Grand Library

Receive an Invitation

A Master has personally chosen you from thousands of other qualified applicants! The invitation will be delivered via the email address your provided on your application, so be watching for it. You don't want to miss out on this amazing opportunity!
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Become an Apprentice

You chose to accept the personal invitation from a Master to become their Apprentice. Your personalized learning experience is about to begin. This is an exciting time for you and for your Master! Things will move faster now, so be ready!
View the Expectations of an Apprentice

Your First Assignment

You'll soon receive your first assignment from your Master. The early Levels help you to become familiar with the mysterious ways of The Arcanum. To see an example of what's in store, have a look at the Leveling Guide for the Photography Discipline.
View an example of a Learning Path

Meet your Cohort

Each Cohort typically has about 20 Apprentices. We're confident you'll learn as much, if not more, from the other Apprentices as you will from your Master. They will provide you with valuable feedback, accountability and encouragement at every Level.
Read Stories from our Members

Define your Learning Goals

The Arcanum places YOU at the center of the learning experience. Your Master will help you to define your personal learning goals and will then customize the Levels to help you meet those goals. This is key difference from traditional, content-centric learning models.
Learn more about the Learning Experience

Level Up at Your Own Pace

The pace of your progress is completely within your control. This is not a one-size fit, pass or fail, learning model. We understand that each person's schedule and and learning pace is unique. Your Cohort will have Apprentices at many different levels.
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Embrace the counter-intuitive wisdom of vulnerability and humility


More Areas of Study are Added Regularly

We’re getting started with Masters dedicated to various fields of photography and other visual arts. As the Arcanum grows, we will add in other disciplines that benefit from the Master-Apprentice system of learning.

  General Photography
  Product/Studio Photography
  Event/Wedding Photography
  Hand Drawn Art
  Landscape Photography
  Portrait Photography
  Fashion Photography
  Street Photography
  Boudoir Photography
  Mobile Photography
  Black & White Photography
  Wildlife Photography
  Underwater Photography
  Many Other Disciplines

Interested in Other Disciplines?

If you’re interested in a particular discipline that we do not currently offer please let us know! We are always looking to add new artistic disciplines. So go ahead and Apply Now as an Apprentice. We are starting small but we’re growing fast!

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Invent the rhythm of the world we want to live in

The Arcanum Masters

We are honored to have world-class Masters

Below is a small sample of the many Masters in The Arcanum. Visit our Meet the Masters page to see a more complete roster. Or, learn more about the expectations of a Master and the path to becoming a Master.


Interested in becoming a Master?

Are you passionate about sharing your talents and techniques with others? Are you excited about mentoring others through their own artistic path? Perhaps you’re interested in one of our existing Disciplines or would like to establish a new one? If so, then we would love to hear from you! Learn more about the expectations of a Master and the path to becoming a Master in The Arcanum.

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Inject the elements of fun, fancy, and fantasy into our movement of art

The Grand Library

Take a peek inside The Deepness

The Grand Library of The Arcanum houses a vast, rapidly growing collection of amazing learning resources, including incredible tutorials and critiques from amazing Masters. Watch a sneak peek into this ever expanding athenaeum!


Learn how to Unlock the Grand Library

We are now offering access to the hundreds of Masters’ tutorial and critique videos in The Arcanum Grand Library to anyone with a completed application. Login to the The Arcanum now to sign-up or visit this page for more details.

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Build a unified, collaborative environment that fosters creativity and experimentation

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Applying is Fast

We've got a fun application process that gets you started on your path through The Arcanum. You'll provide us with some basic information about you, your passions and what Disciplines are interesting to you. We'll add you to the Apprentice Antechamber, where you'll wait for a Master to personally select you to be a part of their Cohort.

View tips for completing an Application that will get noticed by a Master!

Applying is Easy

The application process is free, and you'll only begin paying the membership dues of just $79 USD per month after you accept an invitation from a Master. There is no long term commitment. You may cancel at anytime. You will not be charged while you wait to be selected by a Master.

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Treat everyone with harmonious respect and find their awesomeness inside