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Pantrait of Bob McTavish by Apprentice Baz Anderson

Recently. I caught up with Apprentice Baz Anderson of Jackie Rankin‘s Cohort. I asked him about his work with Pantraits, or panoramic portraits, as well as his time in The Arcanum. Have you tried anything like a pantrait? Are you going to? Let me know in the comments.

T: Who’s cohort are you in? How has your experience been in The Arcanum so far? Has it met your expectations?

B: I am a member of Jackie Rankin’s Cohort and my experience with The Arcanum to date has been nothing short of great. With their support and encouragement I have been re-energized as a photographer, I guess I burned out a little from the commercialism.

T: How long have you been photographing? How did you get started? What do you love to shoot?

B: I have been photographing since the mid sixties (1960’s), golly that’s 50 years :), My Dad was a wedding photographer so I was introduced to the wet darkroom in my early teens. I traveled overseas with cameras in my twenties and really became hooked, returning to Australia in 1978 and studied Visual Arts at Sydney College. Upon graduating, I started my own Photographic business which ran for 21 years. I have always seen the world as a sea of faces, so I photograph people. I love shooting portraits.

T: What is a Pantrait? What inspired your first one?

B: A Pantrait is a panoramic portrait, a word created by a friend Peter Lance, who penned the following:

Pantrait (panoramic portraiture)
“with these digitized panoramas Anderson renews the portrait, traditionally a record of status, wealth and identity. Anderson invites the viewer, his subjects and other photographers to question their personal construction of identity; and their place in this ritualized activity composed of photograph, recognition and exhibition. As we glimpse the fragility and majesty of these domesticated beings, are we reassured that we stand in the company of those who value meaningful contribution, and the search for meaning?”

My first pantrait came about through investigating software and seeing just how far the stitching technique (pano) had come. I was looking to explode my portraiture with a larger narrative so these two (pano & portraits) seemed a natural fit. I had always seen the sitter’s surrounding environment to be telling as well, and a further opportunity to multi expose the sitter, thereby telling even more about themselves. So that thought was the inspiration for the first of many.

T: What makes a perfect Pantrait to you?

B: When it all stitches together in post production to match the pre-visualization I had to start with. Yes!

T: What do you consider before shooting?

B: The personality of my subject, their activities and their environment and with this how to create a narrative.

T: What gear / software do you use for your Pantraits?

B: Currently using the Panasonic Lumix GH3 with their kit lenses and a RRL Pano Rail, along with my iMac, Lightroom and Photoshop. The full exhibition of Pantraits can be seen at

If you are in Sydney, Australia you can catch an exhibition of Baz’s work until 31 May at the Head On photo festival.

About the Image:

Bob McTavish
Surfboard Manufacturer, Byron Bay
Once a teenage stowaway to Hawaii, Bob is now a surfing legend. Attributed as being the initiator of the short board revolution, he has spent his life designing and developing the surfboard. Even now at 70 years of age, his passion continues to push the envelope, in a huge international industry.

Story by Tiff Gilleland, Hero of The Arcanum.

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