Vulnerability, Sharing, and The Art of Creativity

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Post by Peter Giordano


“Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once he grows up.”
— Pablo Picasso

Have you ever seen a piece of art that struck you, emotionally.

You want to create something like that, that can pull that emotion in someone else.

You want to dig deeper into yourself, to better understand your own voice, but you haven’t found it yet. You want to understand how other artists are able to do this.

You will learn to find, develop your voice, and evoke these emotions in others.

On the surface, The Arcanum seems to be about education, learning Art and Photography. And yes, those skills and knowledge are valuable. But skills and knowledge are but a byproduct of what The Arcanum truly provides. The Arcanum is about inspiration and experiences that enable us to be the best that we can be. The Arcanum considers Creating and Connecting as two of the most basic of needs for humans, right along side of air, food, water, and shelter. The act of creating produces Art – no matter how big or small. Therefore The Arcanum believes that creating Art is a critical, essential, non-negotiable part of life.

When we don’t create we stop growing, we atrophy, we wither. We lose our drive and ability to connect and lack content to share.

When we don’t connect we can’t share our creations, our thoughts, our aspirations, dreams, fears. We become isolated. Isolation inhibits our creativity and we slip into a downward spiral.

“I feel more free, free to produce great images, free to produce some that flop, and to learn from both. Free to have fun, to learn, to expand my “style,” to try new things, and I am loving it!!!”
Kyle Van Etten, Apprentice

Without creativity and connectivity we experience a void and an emptiness that can’t be filled with anything else other than our own creations. No material thing or anyone else can fill this void – they can only help create the environment, conditions and experience for us to do it ourselves.

Many of us are stuck on this precipice – on the brink of creativity and connectedness. Teetering on the edge producing middling creations that barely fill the void with little more than a trickle. Some of us will never tip toward the creative. Most of us just need a nudge. The Arcanum provides that nudge by connecting you with a Master who believes in you, trusts you, but also challenges you. Within The Arcanum – There is no veil to hide behind. No curriculum, lesson plan, standardized tests or any such thing. Our goals define our path and the Masters are responsible for guiding each of us along that path. Sometimes the Masters provide instruction, on a basic principle for example. Most of the time the Master is the coach, the mentor, the advisor – asking questions that create clarity needed to unlock the creative nature inside of each of us.

“It’s like falling in love I guess you could say. At first, your all excited, almost borderline jittery, and everything is new and wonderful. It’s a whole new world because you begin to see the world and everything in it a little differently. You look more, you see more, colors seem more vibrant, your carrying your camera around with you literally everywhere, you feel happy and alive! The passion that you had for photography is basically smothered in lighter fluid and then ignited or re-ignited.”
Molly Kate, Apprentice

The Arcanum finally gives us the transparency we need, the environment to be vulnerable, produce the creations that are already inside of us and share them with family, friends and the world. In doing so we understand our own goals and the path to accomplishing them becomes clear.

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Thanks for taking some time to read to this point. Please let me know your thoughts and comments!

Post by Peter Giordano, CEO and Founder of The Arcanum.

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