Core Values


Our Mission is to unlock the creative awesome in every individual, and thereby, enrich the world. Our Vision is to create a new connected movement around what we love: lifelong learning, creativity and art.


More than a product or a service, the Movement we’re building combines creating, learning, and sharing with others into a harmonious rhythm. The Culture within the Community is one in which everyone treats each other with respect and seeks the awesomeness inside each Member. Within The Arcanum it safe to be vulnerable and we encourage everyone to lean in, be curious, experiment and take creative risks.

Humility | Vulnerability | Respect | Curiosity | Creativity | Collaboration

  • Allow our curiosity to create an ever-growing and multi-faceted mind
  • Embrace the counter-intuitive wisdom of vulnerability and humility
  • Invent the rhythm of the world we want to live in
  • Inject the elements of fun, fancy, and fantasy into our movement of art
  • Build a unified, collaborative environment that fosters creativity and experimentation
  • Treat everyone with harmonious respect and find their awesomeness inside