The Arcanum Focus Spheres

Spheres 2 and above are our Focus Spheres. More personal, challenging and intensive.


  • Your Master will level you up to 20, at which point you will exit their Cohort and enter the Apprentice Antechamber.
  • Join the Focus Lounge (You can request an invite here).
  • Update your Profile: Primary focus Area, Goals and Interests.
  • Masters review your profile and invite you if you’re a good match for their experience.
  • If a particular Experience interests you, please contact the Master, or tag them in a post in The Focus Lounge.

A one-time tuition fee applies to each Focus Sphere learning experiences. This fee is split into three installments.
Read more about pricing.


Current Sphere 2 Experiences

Ron Clifford


Landscape Photography
Embrace possibility and see the world through new lenses. See your own creative vision mature and your skill as a photographer reach a new and substantial plateau.

Robin Griggs Wood


Unlock Your Creative Potential
Discover or strengthen your style and the secret to increasing your ability for life. Challenges that give you the basic building blocks used by successful artists.

Don Komarechka


General Photography – Goal Based
Focused on the universe at our feet, peel back the layers of technology and technique to reveal a greater understanding of light itself.

Wes Hardaker


 Increased Focus Through Minimalization Techniques
We’ll work as a group to bring high impact to your work by studying the art of minimalism. We’ll work together to structure scenes of all genres to place maximum emphasis on your primary subject

Les Imgrund

Les150x150 copy

Birds. Mammals. Landscapes.

Challenges, a personal project, development of a few core techniques, regular videos and inspiration media. A sound path to follow that will act as a “backbone” but with the flexibility to personalise. A Focus on Nature is our common thread.

Glenn Guy


Landscape Luminaries
A comprehensive and informative program filled with inspiration and actionable techniques. Composition, editing, presentation and meaningful feedback. (conceptual and technical)

Ollie Dale


Filmmaking for Photographers
A whirlwind introduction into the wonderful world of filmmaking. All skill levels welcome. Finish in under a month and get 25% off your Sphere 3 Tuition fee with Ollie.

Stephan Bollinger


 Portrait Intensive
Focus entirely on Portraiture, lighting, expression, posing, processing & composition.

Trace Aiken

Trace150x150 copy

Project Yourself
A ‘General Photography’ based Experience, focusing on creating, and fulfilling, diverse in-depth projects of the Apprentices choosing.

  Current Sphere 2 Fee: $250 paid in three installments in addition to your standard monthly dues.

Sphere 2 Informational Hangouts/Videos

Since the launch of Sphere 2 our Masters have hosted regular Hangouts as well as posting videos about their Sphere 2 experiences. You can view a playlist of those videos below.

For more on the style of learning in each Sphere 2 we recommend viewing critiques in the Grand Library. Does more than one experience appeal to you? Then great news! You have the ability to repeat Spheres 2 and above with as many Masters as you wish…only one at a time though. Contact us at [email protected] for more info!

Sphere 3 Learning Experiences

Moving up another Sphere means an even more intense, focused set of challenges.

Current Sphere 3 Experiences

Ron Clifford


Enhance your Creative Journey
A goal based experience for landscape and portrait photographers looking to enhance their skills.

Glenn Guy


Travel Pilgrims
A comprehensive and informative program filled with inspiration and actionable techniques. Composition, editing, presentation and meaningful feedback. Travel doesn’t have to be overseas!

Current Sphere 3 Fee: $500 paid in three installments in addition to your standard monthly dues.

Upcoming Sphere 3 Experiences

Robin Griggs Wood


Take Your Works To The Next Level
Post processing and compositing like a Pro.

Ollie Dale


Filmmaking for Photographers – 2
Take the skills you developed in Sphere 2 Filmmaking for Photographers and continue your journey towards Oscar glory.

Future Offerings

We will continue to add new sphere experiences. Check back regularly for updates!