The Grand Library

Take a peek inside The Deepness

We’re excited to announce this newest addition to The Arcanum!

The Grand Library of The Arcanum houses a vast, rapidly growing collection of amazing learning resources, including incredible tutorials and critiques from amazing Masters. Watch a sneak peek into this ever expanding awesomeness!

A Quick Testimonial

Carl Crumley was kind enough to leave a nice quote on our Arcanum Facebook Page!

“I’m so glad this option has been given to those of us still in the antechamber waiting to be selected. I have square eyeballs from staring at the screen watching so many excellent videos. Thanks!”

What’s Unique? The Critique!

The Grand Library will also be filled with countless “Critique” videos, since they are all recorded as part of the “Leveling Up” process within The Arcanum. You’ll have more critiques than you can handle in every discipline from landscape to portrait to wildlife to boudoir and beyond.

These critiques will help you find your own creative vision and style. You’ll be able to easily find critiques that match not only your learning goals, but also your style, ranging from technical to artistic.

The diversity of critiques is staggering. Let’s say you’re into Landscape photography, for example. Well you’ll find a countless array of Landscape photography techniques from many Masters who have their own take, feedback, and style. You’ll learn from the mistakes of others and the wisdom of the critiques.

The critiques are perhaps one of the most unique elements of The Grand Library. Because we have so many Apprentices in the system now, the Grand Library is filling up with critiques at a logarithmic rate. You can literally sit there and watch fresh critiques all day long. We have some cool features like Watchlists and more to help you keep track of your learning-progress!

You can also benefit from the wisdom of the crowd. We’ve blatantly stolen from the reddit style of voting so the best videos bubble up to the top. WWRD? They would do this.

Unlock the Grand Library Now!

How Fresh is it?

It’s so fresh, the Fresh Prince of Bel Air would sit back in his leatha seat while looking at the 1,000+ videos and proclaim, “Damn, that is FRESH.”

There’s nothing stale in this cupboard. It’s so fresh that you might even have to let it sit on the window sill for a few days. Okay, we’ll stop with all these silly euphemisms. We’ll just tell you that the videos are all made very recently and are extremely immediate. We’re quickly reaching the point where Masters of the Arcanum are producing more videos than you could possibly have the time to watch. A good problem, we say.

And now, we get back to the euphemisms. Just as Pedro so eloquently uttered in Napoleaon Dynamite, if you become an Arcanum Member of the Grand Library, “all of your wildest dreams will come true.”