Heroes of The Arcanum!

These Heroes Make The Arcanum Experience Magical

We’re so fortunate to have a League of Heroes committed to creating a magical experience for every Member of The Arcanum. We’re grateful, honored and humbled to be part of their team.


Stuart Davidson

The Hero that never sleeps - Stuart is an apprentice and helps look after the rapidly growing Grand Library Collection and selects Editors Picks and playlists. You can also find him on The Arcanum Support Desk answering any questions you may have. When not working on those tasks Stu can regularly be seen alongside Host Ollie Dale and Tanya Wallis, on the weekly Arcanum show, MGAPXL - www.Mgapxl.club


Tanya Wallis

(a.k.a. TW) Tanya heads the Community Managers Community, and is a Promoter of Practice. Tanya relentlessly surfaces and shares best practices, tools, resources from Masters and Apprentices across the communities. Tanya also mans the support desk alongside Stuart, and between them, will do their best to answer any questions you may have.