How do I become a Master?

There are Two Great Ways to become a Master

The Master Fast-Track

This is the best track if you are a seasoned teaching expert! The amazing Ron Clifford will take you through a 10-level bootcamp of sorts where you’ll learn everything about the wonderfully strange culture of The Arcanum, how leveling works, how critiques work, and more!

  • Cry in pain while Ron whips you into shape. He’ll break you down into your core essence then pick up your mewling, slobbery self off the isolation floor and build you back, stronger than before.
  • Perform a series of fun challenges to see what it is like from the perspective of an Apprentice.
  • Stare into the screen as Ron’s haunting stash makes you do his secret Arcanum bidding.

The Path of the Protégé

Are you an Apprentice that is Master-curious? By that, ahem, we mean that you are interested in becoming a Master. In the Arcanum, we mean. Anyway, this is why we set up this special path. While you are leveling up under your normal Master, you can do a series of special quests that will teach and prepare you for becoming a Master of your own!

  • Follow the Stepping Stones on the Path to discover what being a Master is all about. You’ll learn all the tricks of the trade and help out The Arcanum as a whole in your special questing.
  • Challenge yourself in new and exciting ways.
  • Work with the Vanguard to take on your own group of Apprentices some day.

See more on the Path of the Protégé page.