A Magical Learning Experience

When Learning Feels Like Falling in Love

The Arcanum learning experience is magical because of the “Ah ha” moments that happen again and again as you move along your personal learning path. Some Members of The Arcanum say it’s like falling in love.

The Arcanum is an overwhelming passionate experience. It’s like falling in love. You are busy doing whatever it is that you usually do, and then all of a sudden, BAM, you are hit by a freight train that turns your world upside down.
— Jacob Surland, Member of The Arcanum

Like an epic win, these magical moments are shocking, exhilarating, and addicting as you realize that your skills keep improving beyond what you thought was possible.

The Ingredients of a Magical Learning Experience

If you take a step back, you’ll find three main ingredients to this Magical Learning Experience™.

  1. Mentors (Masters)
  2. Goal-centered (Spheres and Levels)
  3. Community (Fellow Apprentices)

From Masters to Mentors

We are inspired by the time-tested and proven Master and Apprentice learning method. One key upgrade we made to this ancient learning method is to Level Up Masters to Mentors. The insight is that traditional Masters teach along their path while Mentors guide you along your own personal path. Your Master will mentor and guide you along via mutually agreed upon goals. This is all done within the context of your current Sphere.

Goal-Centered Approach – Spheres & Levels

A Sphere represents one cycle of learning. The cycle of learning happens through the completion of 10 Levels within each Sphere. Sphere 0 and Sphere 1, the Foundation Spheres, consist of Levels 1-10 and 11-20, respectively. Sphere 2 is the first Focus Sphere and it consists of Levels 21-30. Sphere 3 contains Levels 31-40, and so on.

This might sound like your traditional education routine, the higher the number, the more advanced, etc, etc. But not so within The Arcanum. This where the learning experience within The Arcanum is completely and utterly different from every other education offering out there. As you complete your Levels and Spheres you are accomplishing YOUR goals, not someone else’s.

Spheres are like a story with a quest, and the Levels are the stepping stones along the path to complete the quest.

The Learning Path provides Masters and Apprentices with a malleable framework of challenges. Masters tailor the Level Challenges to each particular Apprentice. These personalized challenges help the Apprentice build specific skills they need achieve their goals for the Sphere.

And that’s the beauty of it all. The result is a portfolio of your work that is in alignment with your goals and dreams. Sound too good to be true? Check out this blog post by Master Karen Hutton about one of her Apprentices, Tanya Wallis.

Unlike other education systems that impress a rigid curriculum on you, The Arcanum puts you in the position of responsibility for setting your learning goals.

Community Makes Learning Fun and Effective

The Arcanum Community is the foundation which supports this entire experience. Members of The Arcanum are bound together through the Level Challenges within each Sphere. Indeed, many of the Levels can only be completed by working together. We’re building a Community of Service, where the Members “lean in” toward each other. Always looking for opportunities to help one another Level Up. People are building real relationships and in doing so, a support network. Support networks are critical in stressful times when we’re pushing at our maximum to Level Up. The Arcanum Community is nothing short of a social and emotional bond that keeps you moving forward.

The Arcanum is like having breakfast with really good friends every morning. — Member of The Arcanum

We strongly believe this method of learning is more personal, fun and creates outcomes that are far more meaningful. We encourage you to Apply Now and give it a try!