The Master’s Calling

A Master is solely dedicated to the enrichment of all the Apprentices in their Mastery Cohort. A Master is there to guide each individual on their own artistic path. Masters are to serve as mentors… as artistic shamans… to understand the needs and goals of their Apprentices and to help these desires be fully realized through a personalized path. Through these experiences, a Master will find new layers within to take their own art to a new level of transcendence.

Expectations of a Master

To be the mentor you’ve always wanted

You get to live out the fantasy of being the kind of mentor that you desire. Maybe your teaching style is more vague and dreamy and aspirational like Yoda, or maybe you like giving Apprentices specific challenges, or maybe you are a mix between the practical how-to and the artistic philosophy behind everything.

Read the Core Values of The Arcanum

Come to know the Core Values in your own way and notice how this evolves the more time you spend in The Arcanum.

Goal Setting

As you get to know your Apprentices, work with them to agree on attainable goals then assess at a later point in their path.

To level up your Apprentices

You can, of course, refer to the Leveling Guide for hard requirements, but there is a lot of grey area for you to go above and beyond the bare minimum. There is no extra effort that is required, but The Arcanum tends to attract Masters who typically do more than the minimum.


Identify the obstacles in the blind spots of your Apprentices that hold them back from Leveling Up.

Think Long Term

Keep in mind that these Apprentices will remember you for the rest of their lives. For 98% of the Apprentices, they have never had an experience like this, and it is a dream come true.


Customize Level challenges for each Apprentice in order to help them build skills to overcome obstacles and see their blind spots.

Feel free to make mistakes and try bold things

We have an environment here that encourages experimentation. Find the things that work and iterate. Find the things that don’t work, forgive yourself, and move on to try other things. Don’t forget our second Core Value: “Build a unified environment that fosters creativity and experimentation.”


Continually assess and pair-up complementary Apprentices to help each other on challenges so they can learn better from each other


Masters model appropriate supportive behavior, are enthusiastic, encouraging and energetic. They inspire and motivate Apprentices to dig in and keep at it

Give valuable feedback in Critique sessions

Your feedback for each piece submitted should touch on both the technical merits and the artistic merits. Seek to understand the goals of the Apprentice and give practical advice to help them explore their goals. If their goals are still undefined, help them push their boundaries of comfort until they find a style and a goal of their own. You are just leading them down a very personal path of their own. Remember that the Apprentice’s relationship with you may very well be their single greatest journey of their own self-discovery.

The Path to becoming a Master

The Path of the Protégé

Are you an Apprentice that is Master-curious? By that, ahem, we mean that you are interested in becoming a Master. In the Arcanum, we mean. Anyway, this is why we set up this special path. While you are leveling up under your normal Master, you can do a series of special quests that will teach and prepare you for becoming a Master of your own! See more on the Path of the Protégé page.

The Master Fast-Track

Have you already mastered a particular discipline? Think you would be a great Master? Awesome! Shoot us a note and tell us why you would be a great master. If it looks like a fit and we have some room, you could be eligible for our Master Fast-Track program, in which the amazing Ron Clifford will take you through a 10-level bootcamp of sorts where you’ll learn everything about the wonderfully strange culture of The Arcanum, how leveling works, how critiques work, and more!

Have more Questions?

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Meet the Masters

The Masters listed on the front page are only a sampling of the world-class Masters gathered here at this entirely new kind of academy. Visit our Meet the Masters page to see a complete list.