Path of the Protégé


The following guide describes how an Apprentice can become a Master. The audience for this is both Masters and Apprentices.

The Arcanum expects that a small percentage of Apprentices can and should become Masters some day, as guided by a special “track” that is overseen by their Master. It is expected that these future Masters are able to produce interesting creations and are effective communicators. There is a series of steps and challenges in the guide to enable the future Master, called a “Protégé” in this context, to both uncover all the practices and traditions of a Master and then prove themselves to a Vanguard.

Time Frame

It is expected that the entire process takes less than 3 months to complete. This happens alongside the Apprentice continuing to Level Up in their normal Apprenticeship path. This also means, of course, that the Apprentice’s normal path from 11-20 also take less than three months. Both paths could conceivably take only ONE month to complete if the Protégé has ample time, bearing in mind that there are other Masters who are also part of the process who may, themselves, be time-constrained.

Prerequisites and Assumptions

  • Apprentice must be at LEAST at Level 11 when starting the Path of the Protégé
  • The Apprentice will continue to level up as normal while also, in parallel, taking on the steps of the Path of the Protégé
  • The Master Vanguard will oversee the Protégé, keep them on the right path, and ultimately vote on the Protégé becoming Master.
    • The Master Vanguard has three Masters in it:
    • The current Master of the Apprentice
    • An assisting Master (explained on The Fourth Stepping Stone below)
    • The Master who runs the Path of Protege community
  • Master can get an unanimous vote from the Master Vanguard any time to remove the Protege from the Path
  • If an Apprentice is Protégé material, It is expected that they will be prompted to begin the Path of the Protege at the end of one of their critique sessions with the Master.

The First Stepping Stone

“Let’s Get The Party Started”

Scrawlings on this Stone

Welcome to the Path of the Protege! You’re about to embark on an amazing journey to find out if all the universes align to help you become a Master. It will be a lot of extra work, but this can be accomplished alongside your current Apprenticeship.

Special Quests

  • When your Master has approached you about entering the Path (or whoever initiated the conversation), Open up your Application and fill out all the “I wanna be a Master!” sections thoroughly and thoughtfully. Consider this the official Letter of Intent.
  • Contact your Master when you have completed this section so they can review it.
  • If your Master feels that this is the right time for you to begin on the Path, you have completed the First Stepping Stone.

The Second Stepping Stone

“The Helper Bunny”

Scrawlings on this Stone

Stepping Stones 2 and 3 are all about allowing the Protégé to act as a “Student Teacher” or “Teacher’s Assistant” of sorts within their current cohort. The Protégé will receive one or more quests from their Master to help out around their current cohort. There are some sample quests below.

Special Quests

The Master is encouraged to give specific tasks to their Proteges. Below are just examples:

  • (Example 1): Find “stragglers” in the cohort and helping them along.
  • (Example 2): Find Grand Library Gold and sharing it, encouraging interactions and discussions around these videos.
  • (Example 3): Provide more detailed peer-critiques (than the “average” Apprentice).

The Third Stepping Stone

“Look, Mom, I’m on YouTube!”

Scrawlings on this Stone

This is a great chance for you to illustrate your teaching and communication skills to your Master.

Special Quests

  • Create three 5-minute tutorial videos (or thereabout). These can be live-action, screencasts, etc.
  • Put all three inside your community to share with your fellow Apprentices
  • If your Master likes them, they can also be placed in the Grand Library
  • (If using Mac, you can use some great software called Screenflow Pro)
  • (If using Windows, see this handy video from Stuart Davidson.

The Fourth Stepping Stone

“The Big Show”

Scrawlings on this Stone

Now it is time for the Vanguard to form around you, Protégé.

You’ll be invited to a special community with other Protégés where you will continue your path.

Inside this community, the Protégé will have the Vanguard form around them. This is a collection of three Masters that will oversee the second half of your Stepping Stones to ensure you have a smooth transition to becoming a Master.

#1: Your current Master
#2: An Advising Master
#3: The Protégé Community Master

As for the Advising Master, they will read your submissions in this Community and offer to sponsor you.

Special Quests

  • Master sends Protégé to special community “The Path of the Protégé”
  • Protégé enters the new community and does a few things. The Protégé’s goal in this is to attract an Advising Master.
    • introduces themselves
    • shares their three tutorial videos
    • copy/paste their letter of intent
  • Protege must become sponsored by an Advising Master. The Advising Master will simply indicate their interest in the Protege’s
  • Introduction Post. The Advising Master is essentially agreeing: “I commit to the growth of this Apprentice as a Master in the Arcanum Magical Academy of Artistic Mastery”
  • Protege MUST successfully have reached Level 15 under their current Master.

The Fifth Stepping Stone

“Doctor Heal Thyself”

Scrawlings on this Stone

One of the most intensive responsibilities of the Master is Critique Levels. They are both time consuming, and intricate. They require all your skill and knowledge as an artist, and your ability to connect on personal levels, inspire and guide your apprentices. Your assignment on this Stepping Stone is to set up and do mini critiques with at least 2 Apprentices in your current cohort. Record them as a hangout on air, attached to your Youtube channel, and post the links in here so we can critique your critiquing. You need the feedback comments of three of your fellow Protégés and at least 1 sponsor to advance to the next Stepping Stone.

Special Quests

  • Protégé will perform 2 video critiques with members of their own cohort. The critique is to be for 5 photos from another Apprentice. They can simply ask for volunteers.
  • Protégé will have the videos on YouTube and share them both in their cohort and in the Path of the Protégé community

The Sixth Stepping Stone

“Doctor Heal Thyself Part 2”

Scrawlings on this Stone

This Stone is just like the previous one, except now the critiques will be at a higher level, inside the Artist’s Atrium.

Special Quests

  • Protégé will perform 2 video critiques with members of the Artist’s Atrium. These critiques can also be for 5 photos. To find Apprentices, they can simply make a post asking for volunteers.
  • Protégé will have the videos on YouTube and share them both in their cohort and in the Path of the Protégé community

The Seventh Stepping Stone

“Cohort Creation”

Scrawlings on this Stone

This Stepping Stone is designed to create your community and your cohort, the heart of your new artistic family. You’ll consider how you’ll be using the first 20 levels in the Leveling Guide in your own way. Note that you should not over-embellish the levels, but save the more innovative ideas for the “Masters’ Mindbender” levels. Then you will invite 3 of your fellow Protégés and the Vanguard to join the community and see how you have set it up. We HIGHLY recommend you request at this point to join the cohorts of your sponsors to see how each runs their house, where the similarities and individuality lies for each.

Keep in mind this is simply a framework, an artistic skeleton, it is your place to design the masterpiece of it and create something that is beautiful, inspiring, and uniquely your own, an experience they can only have with YOU as their master.

Special Quests

  • Protégé creates a new community for their future cohort.
  • Protégé considers the first 20 Levels and figures out some possible “Master’s Mindbenders”.
  • Protégé invites in for feedback:
    • 3 other Protégés
    • Current Master
    • Advising Master
    • Protégé Community Master
  • Enter the Apprentice Antechamber and mark at least 10 favorites

The Eighth Stepping Stone

“Master Baiting”

Scrawlings on this Stone

As you begin to build your community and prepare to invite actual Apprentices you’ll find they want to know you as one of the new Masters. In this level we would like to see you share your 3 favorite “Meet the Master” Videos and discuss with your fellow Proteges why they speak to you and what makes a good Master Intro Video. Many of the Masters also have personalized letters of introduction and welcome that they extend to each new apprentice.

You’ll want to create your own 5 minute intro video as a Master, craft a personalized welcome letter of introduction that you can send to your Apprentices. You’ll share each here, and you’ll need the feedback of three fellow Protégés and one of your Sponsor in order to advance.

[LINK] to Gina’s Video.

Special Quests

  • Protégé voraciously consumes Gina DeGirolamo’s “Meet The Master Intro Video Guide.”
  • Protégé shares their three favorite “Meet the Master” videos.
  • Protégé creates their own “Meet the Master” video.
  • Protégé schedules a time for Final Approval with their Vanguard.

The Ninth Stepping Stone

“Super Stoned”

Scrawlings on this Stone

You should now have experience and samples of your critiquing ability, a community built and ready to open doors to your first Apprentices, spent time working with your fellow Apprentices, and be through the levels of your Apprenticeship as an artist. If you have made at least Level 20, you can set up this final review with the Vanguard.

This final review will be a Hangout (not recorded). The interview process will help with any questions or concerns you have going into your Mastery, and help with the selection process of your first Apprentices… we’ll also be asking you questions and seeing how in tune you are with your own voice, and the core value of the Arcanum as a whole. At the end of the final review, the Vanguard will have a final vote.

IF Master is Approved

IF Master is NOT Approved

  • Return in two months for another go
  • Continue training and getting feedback from Vanguard
  • If you’ve been rejected twice, there is a one-year wait before the next attempt can be made

Special Quests

  • Protege MUST be at Level 20 in their Apprenticeship.
  • Protege meets in a Hangout with the three members of their Master Vanguard
  • Protege shares final thoughts and answers questions while “on the horns”
  • Protege magically disappears offline for five minutes whilst Vanguard discusses
    • One BLACK BALL means denial
    • Requires Unanimous Vote
  • Protege returns to hangout and gets the good or bad news.