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If you’ve enjoyed your time in The Arcanum as an Apprentice, or as a Master, we would love for you to share your story with your family and friends! Tell them about your experience, what you’ve learned and how you’ve grown.

It could be a short story on your personal blog or shared on a site like Medium. Or, simply a quick post on your favorite social network. Be sure to always include an image. Posts with images are 150 times more likely to be liked or shared.

We’ve included some resources and ideas you can use below. Please review our Brand Guidelines for proper usage.

P.S. Please send your story to [email protected] and we’ll add it to our rapidly growing list of epic stories!

Invite your Friends

You can invite your friends directly from within The Arcanum app as well. After you sign-in simply click on the top-right menu and select “Invite a Friend”.

Hi-Res Logos

You may prefer to download the high-res versions in .ai, .eps, .pdf and .psd formats. Please review our Brand Guidelines for proper usage.

The Arcanum Videos

Here are some links to a few videos you might share with others:

  • The Arcanum Promotional Video (link)
  • Overview of the Grand Library (link)


The very best way to share The Arcanum with your friends is to tell about your personal experience. But if you need a little inspiration we’ve included some sample tweets / posts below!


  • As an Apprentice in The Arcanum I have [share how you have personally grown or changed]
  • Have you heard of The Arcanum? It is the most personal, effective and fun way to Level Up your photography skills.
  • Interested in learning from true Masters of photography? Join The Arcanum and you’ll soon be Leveling Up your skills!
  • What is The Arcanum? It is a Magical Academy of Artistic Mastery… join today to unlock the mysteries within!
  • Are you feeling stuck creatively or professionally with your photography? We have world-class Masters ready to help!
  • Wouldn’t you love a truly Magical Learning experience? Join The Arcanum to learn photography from a Master.
  • Hear amazing stories of life change from Masters and Apprentices inside The Arcanum.


  • As a Master in The Arcanum I have [share how you have personally grown or changed]
  • I love helping people to unlock their creative awesomeness! Join The Arcanum to have me or another Master guide you.
  • I believe everyone has creative potential. Allow me or another Master help you to unlock your creativity!
  • This amazing image was made by an Apprentice in my Cohort. I’m so proud of her! Come improve your photos with us at

Official Sites and Accounts

When referring to The Arcanum please reference the following sites or accounts:

Official Website –
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Twitter – @MagicalArcanum
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Instagram – @MagicalArcanum