The Arcanum Explained

The Arcanum is the most personal, effective and fun way for you to Level Up your skills

We’re starting with learning experiences in visual arts such as photography, digital illustration, cinematography and more!

We’re born creative and playful

At a young age we’re naturally creative. We imagined new worlds with interesting characters and stories. We made forts and playhouses and played the hero or villain. We painted with our fingers. All with unlimited time.

Now being creative seems nostalgic

For a lucky few, art and creativity remain at the center of their lives. For the rest of us, we hope to re-discover art and somehow make time to be creative later in life.

Our Mission is to unlock the Creative Awesomeness within every individual

Art and creativity has a profound affect on our lives. We have more fun when we’re creating and sharing art. Life simply tastes better. We want to enrich the world by bringing more art and artists into it.

We believe there is a better way to learn and apply new skills

The Renaissance represented the rise of the modern world, a cultural rebirth or art, music, science, philosophy and more. During this time the Apprenticeship form of learning flourished.

Masters and Apprentices have a meaningful relationship around skill development

Apprentices benefited tremendously in terms of gaining real hands-on experience, dedicated practice, and of course coaching and guidance from a Master.

The benefits to Masters were just as great. Through coaching, Masters look introspectively at how they’ve developed their own skills and identify areas for continued improvement.

The Renaissance was a cultural movement spanning centuries that depended on a community of like-minded individuals. Today the web creates instant access to a world wide community.

We’re Super-Powering the time-tested Master & Apprentice learning method.

Conventional learning methods of the past 150 years are designed like a factory, with the emphasis on the lowest common denominator. These traditional systems placed the content and the curriculum at the center of the learning experience. Ultimately, the experience for the student boiled down to simply “getting through the class” and “passing the test”. A personal connection to the learning experience in these types of systems is rare indeed.

Within The Arcanum, we combine the best parts of the Master & Apprentice learning method and we super-power it into a Magical Learning Experience that places YOU at the center of it all.

Within The Arcanum YOU are the centerpiece of the Learning Experience and everything revolves around you.

  • Your Goals – Set and manage your own learning goals and track your progress
  • Your Mentor – Creates personalized challenges that build the skills you need to accomplish your goals
  • Your Community – Your Peers support you through skill-building challenges to help you reach your goals

Learning through Coaching and Community is effective and fun!

Within The Arcanum, world-class Masters and their Apprentices form online communities where everyone works together to close the gap between aspiration and ability.

We all have blind spots, obstacles we can’t see, that prevent us from Leveling Up our skills. Masters within The Arcanum identify these obstacles and guide you through challenges and critiques. You work together with your community on these challenges, learning from each other along the way, ultimately overcoming these obstacles and Leveling Up your skills.