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Welcome to the first weekly newsletter from The Arcanum! We are honored to have you join us on this journey. We look forward to providing you with the latest news, sharing stories and art from both Apprentices and Masters, our favorite selections from the Grand Library and helpful tips for your own Application if you're still on the waiting list.

Waiting to be selected by a Master?

Announcing The Arcanum Grand Library Membership

If you’ve applied to The Arcanum and are still patiently waiting for a Master to pick you, firstly Thank You! Secondly, we are now offering access to the hundreds of Masters’ tutorial and critique videos in The Arcanum Grand Library to anyone with a completed application (read below for tips).

Login to the The Arcanum now to sign-up or visit our website for more details.

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Tips for getting noticed by a Master!

Demand to join The Arcanum is high. Applicants with fully complete, robust and passionate applications are typically chosen first by Masters. Here are a few simple tips to help ensure your application is in tip-top form!

  • Use a headshot for your Profile photo
  • Answer the questions completely and passionately
  • Include all FIVE art examples
  • Fill out ALL of the questions
  • Update your Application periodically

If you would like a few more tips please review this post or watch this video.

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Apprentice Spotlight

Greig Houghton

Sphere 1 - Level 16 Apprentice

Greig Houghton is an Apprentice in Valerie Jardin's Mastery Cohort. He reveals how his experience in The Arcanum helped shape the image above. Greig describes himself as 'A Scotsman with a passion for photography'. You'll find him working his magic in the streets and landscapes of Dublin and Ireland. The image above was taken at Dublin Zoo and processed with techniques from a tutorial by Martin Bailey, currently accessible in The Grand Library. You can see more of Greig's fine work on his blog or follow him on Google+.

"I love to try my hand at all genres of photography, but my passion has found a home in street photography. [It's] all about capturing the stories of ordinary people going about their everyday lives. To be able to tell their stories, convey their feelings and emotions and their interactions with the world around them. This is the ethos and the heart of our cohort. Capture the story. The Arcanum, through the Grand Library, has allowed me to explore other genres of photography and learn from all the Arcanum masters. In this case, the inspiration to re-process my Dublin Zoo tiger photo came from Martin Bailey's tutorial on 'Creating a Black Background’. This photo has always been close to my heart, but this simple technique presented by Martin Bailey, has given the photo the finishing touch it deserved."

Story by Tiff Gilleland, Sphere 1 - Level 11

Meet the Master

Martin Bailey

Level 20 Master

Martin Bailey is a nature and wildlife photographer based in Tokyo. He’s a pioneering Podcaster and blogger, Craft & Vision author, Gura Gear Pro and X-Rite Coloratti member. Fueled by his passion for natue and travel, and a tireless desire to share his knowledge and artistic vision, Martin is a popular international tour and workshop leader, helping photographers from around the world to see and capture the wonders of this awesome planet we call home. His work has been published by Popular Photography Magazine, X-Rite, Pomegranate, Korean Air, Creation Durable (Paris), Real Music and Light of Consciousness Magazine, among others. He had five pieces in a joint exhibit Viaggiando Immaginando, in Italy in 2005, and his first solo exhibition “The Nature of Japan” was held in Aoyama, Tokyo, in December 2010.

Grand Library Editor's Pick

Master the Light! Sneaky Photoshop Tricks

by Varina Patel, Level 20 Master

Is there a street light overpowering your scene? Watch as Varina Patel uses layers, masks and selections to tame the light to her will in this five minute tutorial.

These simple techniques can be applied to a range of post processing situations, but remember as Varina points out ‘Less is more’. Share your attempts with us on social media with #MasterTheLight #TheArcanum attached; the best way to learn is to do it!

"Slow and continuous erosion by water and wind create landscapes every bit as astonishing as those shaped by catastrophic events – and minuscule details are as breathtaking as grand vistas that stretch from one horizon to the other. Burning desert sands and mossy riverbanks… Brilliant sunbeams and fading alpenglow… Silent snowfall and raging summer storms… each offers unique opportunities. I am irresistibly drawn to the challenge of finding my next photograph.” – Varina Patel

Find out about Varina over at her photography site or follow her on Google+.

Story by Tiff Gilleland, Sphere 1 - Level 11

The Founders' Files

Palaver found on the desk of Trey

Now where did we put that cog? [I look under the desk. I sigh lightly as a cat no one notices sits in the corner.] It seems there are more moving parts in The Arcanum than in Charles Babbage's Difference Machine. The difference here, so to speak, is that we are building this machine whilst we carve the cogs, to create an actual difference. And it's not just the machine builders that are designing the cogs, pulleys, levers, but instead the whole of The Arcanum is continuing to create the parts internally that the machine itself needs to make a difference. This reminds me of a story of a time I was trying to figure out how to take a photo of an old woman in China [I get distracted and dive back under the desk to find that cog.]

Story by Trey Ratcliff, Level z

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