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Are you focused?

Masters often search for Apprentices using the Focus Area fields with their Arcanum application. Over the next two months 20 new Masters are coming on board, that’s another 400 apprentices who will be chosen. To ensure you have the best opportunity to be selected, update the Focus Areas fields located on the Interest area of your Personal Profile. Below we have some tips to assist you.

Is your Primary Focus what you want to learn?

Masters generally look at your primary Focus Areas to understand what you are seeking to develop while in The Arcanum. For example, if you want to improve your skills in Landscape Photography be sure to select "Landscape" as your primary Focus Area. You can include more Focus Areas in the Seconday and Additional fields. These additonal options give Masters an idea of your personality but the Primary Focus Areas will attract an invitation.

Also, make sure your Art Examples match your primary choice. For example, if your burning desire is Macro photography then remove the portrait images from your application. For some of you this will be easy, for others it will be a tough decision. Don't worry though. You can always change your primary Focus Area in the future.

You should also review these tips for an Application that will get noticed by a Master.

Header Image by Apprentice Christian Meermann and featured on The Creation Wars.

Refresh My Application


Apprentice Spotlight

Erin Riedel

Level 11 Apprentice

I live outside of Philadelphia and work full time as a Project Manager and Development Scientist for a Clinical Diagnostic Company, developing blood tests for cancer biomarkers.

When I am not running around the lab as a mad scientist, or photographing serene landscapes and screaming babies for clients, I can be found dangling from the ceiling two stories high at the Philadelphia School of Circus Arts. I train in aerial arts (silks, corde lisse, and static trapeze). Sorry to disappoint I don’t wear a clown nose, it’s more like Cirque du Soleil than Ringling Brothers. On The Arcanum front, I am an apprentice of A.D. Wheeler's House Lightbender Cohort, Level 11 and I am also volunteering behind the scenes working with Peter Giordano and Ron Clifford to help streamline and improve the Master’s Fast Track Program.

My camera is my travel companion. I love to travel the world, explore new places and capture the magic I see. My happy place is hiking in backcountry among snowcapped mountains. The photo above was taken in Königssee, Germany in the Bavarian Alps. To me, wandering in the mountains is the act of letting go; freedom to explore new places and experience new things. To wonder if Heaven is just over the horizon and even just for an instant, it is.

Through my lens I hope to catch that fraction of freedom of the enchanted paradise my tired feet managed to lead me to. It is here, with tired feet and a sore body, that I realize it is not the trail behind me, nor the horizon ahead of me but the peace within me that I set out to find.

To see more of Erins work visit her personal website.

Story by Erin Riedel, Sphere 1 - Level 11

Meet the Master

Gina DeGirolamo

Level 20 Master

For over 30 years, I have received great fulfillment and joy from looking thru the lens of a camera. Most of those years were spent in Hollywood working as a cinematographer on television series, feature films, commercials and documentaries. During that time I always had a still camera on my hip and in 2006 I began my own video production and photography business which specializes in corporate and small business marketing videos, product photography and event photography.

I also hold workshops on the Central Coast of California on how to shoot and edit cinematic video while exploring the beauty of the area. I am here in The Arcanum to share my joy, passion, skills and creativity with everyone from Masters to Apprentices alike.

Discover more from Master Gina DeGirolamo over at her website or follow her at Google+.

Story by Gina DeGirolamo, Level 20 Master

Grand Library Editor's Pick

Creating Texture Brushes in Photoshop

by Trace Aiken

Want to learn how to create texture brushes in Photoshop? Master Trace Aiken walks us through it.

"A brief tutorial on how to create custom texture brushes in Photoshop for creatively enhancing images. Using an image file from your camera or mobile phone, you can create a unique set of custom texture brushes which you can then use in endless ways to make dynamic and subtly beautiful, evocative images."

Discover more about Trace Aiken on Google+ or over at his website.

Want to see more great tutorials like this? Now anyone with a completed application can sign up to The Grand Library for a small monthly fee.

Video and description by Trace Aiken, Level 20 Master

The Founders' Files

Celebrating the Beginning of a Community of Lifelong Learning

One year ago a dozen passionate, curious, and humble Masters embarked on a journey with The Arcanum. We believed that together we could create a better learning experience in photography and visual arts. A truly Magical Learning Experience. We are humbled and honored that these brave individuals believed in The Arcanum and believed we could change the world.

In particular, I’d like to thank and recognize the Masters who started Cohorts the within the first week of The Arcanum’s life. These Masters selected the first Apprentices to form the very first Communities of learning within The Arcanum. Together these Apprentices and Masters pioneered the early days of The Arcanum. They blazed a trail for all of us:

Varina Patel, Laurie Rubin, Ron Clifford, Karen Hutton, Valerie Jardin and James Brandon.

Thank you for believing in the mission and vision of The Arcanum. Thank you for your time, energy, and passion. Thank you!

As I've mentioned in posts and Your Arcanum videos — it’s what we do together that makes belonging to The Arcanum matter. Together we are vulnerable, humble, and respectful. Together we are curious, collaborative, and of course, creative. Together we support each other along our own learning paths. Together we Level Up and unlock our Creative Awesome.

The Arcanum Community is filled with Members that understand that it is the journey of lifelong learning that brings great results. Jessica Lark often quotes an African proverb, “If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together”. Indeed - we have a lifelong journey ahead of us and we travel together in great company.

Story by Pete Giordano, The Arcanum CEO and Co-Founder

Newsletter Editor: Stuart Davidson, Sphere 2 - Level 20
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