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Volume 12,0

The Critiquepocalypse!

On Friday May 29th, we'll be doing 24 hours of critiques, for anyone, for free, for photos of any type: Landscape, Portrait/Model, Street, Aerial, Wedding, Macro and more!

Starting with Trey Ratcliff and several other Masters, at midnight New York time, we'll be broadcasting live on YouTube. The full schedule of critiques is here. Of course these will all be recorded, so if you miss your moment in the limelight it will be available to watch later. We'll also be using an interesting new tool for this event. Thunderclap (a cool social BLAST), which you can find out more about over here.

How to get your image critiqued? You can post your images in this Facebook post where our Masters will select from, live on air!

Submit an Image for Critique


Apprentice Spotlight

Kyle VanEtten

Level 20 Apprentice

I am a landscape photographer in Central Connecticut and happily married to my wife Danielle since Dec 2013. For me so much of photography is recapturing that childlike wonder which allows us to see beauty everywhere we go. As my favorite comic book character Calvin says, “There’s treasure everywhere!” That being said, it certainly doesn’t hurt to be in an exceptionally beautiful places, and with that, I love to travel, road trip, hike, and generally adventure whenever I can. I am often scouting out new places, or driving down new roads around home and beyond to go shoot, and when I can’t find any, returning to old favorites to find some other hidden beauty I have yet to see. In my photography, I strive to be both impacted by beauty itself (as an imprint of the divine), and then to create images that have that same impact on whoever sees them. Images that produce the same wonder in the viewer as the original scene had on me!

Outside of photography I am a campus minister at the University of Connecticut. I work with an incredible bunch of students creating space for discussions around faith believing that is an important part of the college experience - I LOVE my job. Photography has always been tied to my faith, and is an important creative outlet for me, both for rest, and as a part of the rhythm of my life.

Discover more about Kyle at his website or over on Google+.

Story by Kyle VanEtten, Level 20

Meet the Master

Ollie Dale

Level 30 Master

Ollie Dale is a multi-award winning Photographer, Filmmaker and Fellow of the NZIPP (New Zealand Institute of Professional Photography). Olie also offers aerial work, through the use of his DJI Inspire 1 Quadcopter. A Master at The Arcanum currently focused on General Photography, he is now running a second Cohort focused on Drone Filmmaking. Here is what Ollie has to say about himself...

"My time in The Arcanum started in June 2014, and I’ve now had 3 students graduate to Level 20. I recently started a Drone Filmmaking Cohort and I’m in the process of beginning a "Filmmaking for Photographers" Sphere 2 Experience. I lovE the whole Arcanum family. With 25 apprentices from almost as many countries, it’s a lively Cohort with some incredible stories of growth and achievement.

If you know someone who wants to learn filmmaking skills using a multirotor or quadcopter, I have spaces in my Cohort and several members there already, leveling up and sharing their stories. Come join us!"

Discover more about Ollie on his website and follow him on Google+.

Story by Ollie Dale, Level 30 Master

Grand Library Editor's Pick

Selective De-Ghosting a 32bit HDR in Lightroom and Photomatix Pro

by AD Wheeler

AD Wheeler walks us through a process that all HDR users should know... how to de-ghost specific parts of an image after combining exposures.

Learn more about AD at his website or follow him over on Google+.

Video and description by AD Wheeler, Level 30 Master

The Founders' Files

Getting Your Artistic Feet Under You

I recently released a TEDx talk that I gave here in my hometown of Queenstown, and one of the central topics was the difficult time you have while uncovering your artistic self. I told a story about how I got through all the hard years on the blog when no one showed up. One thing I did not say in the talk is how, well, maybe it's a good thing no one showed up back then!

I did the blogging and the photos because I absolutely loved it. It was a nice way for me to find the true way for me to express myself, and, frankly, in the early years, I wasn't really sure what that was. I didn't know for sure exactly what kind of photography style I would use. I wasn't sure how to write about it. I wasn't sure how to present the whole package. So that took many, many years to figure out.

Time and art is a strange thing. We live in somewhat of an immediate-world, but the way art builds and layers itself as the years go on is much more important. I think the human brain has trouble thinking long-term like this, but it's actually how things seem to really work. So, I suppose my advice is not to worry so much if your work isn't getting noticed immediately as much as you think it should. Just keep on plugging away and do it mostly for yourself, and as time marches on, everything will work out the way its supposed to. You can get a lot of inspiration, ideas, and motivation through your friends here at The Arcanum, and that is a tremendous resource I wish I had oh so many years ago. As your portfolio flexes, changes, and evolves, you'll come to see this is an artistic representation of your true self that is flexing, changing, and evolving as well.

Story by Trey Ratcliff, Co-Founder of The Arcanum

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