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Apprentice Spotlight

Baz Anderson

Level 16 Apprentice

I caught up with Apprentice Baz Anderson of Jackie Rankin's Cohort. I asked him about his work with Pantraits, or panoramic portraits, as well as his time in The Arcanum. Have you tried anything like a pantrait? Are you going to?

T: What is a Pantrait? What inspired your first one?

B: A Pantrait is a panoramic portrait, a word created by a friend Peter Lance. My first pantrait came about through investigating software and seeing just how far the stitching technique (pano) had come. I was looking to explode my portraiture with a larger narrative so these two (pano [and] portraits) seemed a natural fit. I had always seen the sitter's surrounding environment to be telling as well, and a further opportunity to multi expose the sitter, thereby telling even more about themselves. So that thought was the inspiration for the first of many.

Find out more about Baz and how to make the perfect Pantrait over on The Arcanum blog.

Story by Tiff Gilleland, Level 15 and Baz Anderson, Level 16

Meet the Master

Ibarionex Perello

Level 20 Master

Ibarionex is a photographer, writer and podcast producer with over 25 years in the photographic industry.

He has authored 5 books and 2 DVDs on photography which include his best selling book, Chasing the Light: Improving Your Photography with Available Light. He photographs and articles have appeared in numerous publications including Outdoor Photographer, Digital Photo Pro, Popular Photography, Shutterbug, Rangefinder and Photoshop User magazines.

He is the host and producer of The Candid Frame, an interview podcast which he has produced since 2006. He has interviewed the like of Ralph Gibson, Mary Ellen Mark, Elliot Erwitt, Zack Arias, Joel Meyerowitz, Jay Maisel, Scott Kelby and many others.

Find out more about Ibarionex on his website or over on G+.

Story by Ibarionex Perello, Level 20 Master

Grand Library Editor's Pick

Intro to Using Visual Intensity to Create a Game Plan for Post-Processing

by Ellen Anon

How do you post-process your images? Do you have a gameplan? Do you use the same sliders every time, whether the image needs it or not? Or do you just change things and hope for the best?

Master Ellen Anon explains the basics of how to craft images with Visual Intensity and to use that as a guide to create your image game plan. This video has some great techniques for beginners and intermediate photographers.

Discover more from Ellen Anon at her website or follow her on G+.

Video by Ellen Anon, Level 20 Master. Story by Tiff Gilleland, Level 15.

The Founders' Files

In Retrospect

It's been almost a year since we officially launched The Arcanum. I was asked recently what we've learned and I thought I'd share those thoughts with you! Trey, Curtis and I always talk about how we're building The Arcanum together with you and every other member of The Arcanum. But it's more than building it with you. It's learning along with you.

When I look back at the past year, I think we've learned three really important things:

1. Community is #1! Our initial emphasis was the one-on-one Master-Apprentice learning method. But it turns out that sharing a passion is incredibly poweful in terms of motivation. The community aspect of The Arcanum is the big Ah Ha!

2. The best Masters START with community. We've learned that Masters need to focus on the community and encourage each Member along. The best Masters need to be an expert, an educator, but also a coach and community leader. This is hugely enriching to the Masters - it fuels their own passion to teach their craft!

3. We had to build something greater than the sum of its parts. More than an organization or company. We had to build a movement. The shared vision and mission is our purpose. Building it together with you allows us to share our passion and fuel our motivation to achieve our mission: To enable every individual to unlock their Creative Awesome!

What have you learned from your time in The Arcanum? What has been a delightful surprise? What can we improve to enrich the experience?

Take Care and Stay Awesome!

- Pete, Trey, Curtis and The Arcanum Team ...

Story by Peter Giordano, CEO and Co-Founder of The Arcanum

Newsletter Editor: Tiff Gillealnd, Sphere 1 - Level 15
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