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Apprentice Spotlight

Martin Higgs

Sphere 1 - Level 11 Apprentice

Martin Higgs is an Apprentice in Jessica Lark's Mastery Cohort and has been an avid photographer for about 10 years. Currently Martin is a part-time photographer and full-time I.T. Systems Administrator. Portraits are his passion with a recent focus on hair and beauty photography. Something Martin finds very rewarding due to working with such creative professionals.

As he notes, most of this work is for hair salon clients, where high-end images are needed to enter the increasing amount of competitions run throughout the year in the UK. In addition to this, he also works regularly with exceptionally talented makeup artists helping to develop each other’s portfolios.

All his resulting imagery are a team effort and he is thankful for everyone that's been involved. For the image above, MUA: Shonagh Louise, Retoucher: Stefka Pavlova and Model: Zarah - Leni's Model Management.

You can see more of Martin's impressive work on his site or follow him on 500px, Twitter or Instagram.

Story by Martin Higgs, Sphere 1 - Level 11

Meet the Master

Catherine Hall

Level 20 Master

Catherine Hall's breathtaking images have inspired audiences for over a decade. Her fine-art photography has been exhibited throughout Europe and the United States, and international assignments have taken her to more than thirty countries on five continents. Catherine’s work regularly appears in leading editorial publications like the New York Times and National Geographic Traveler. Among her prestigious roster of commercial clients include PricewaterhouseCoopers, News Corp, Reuters, and John Deere. Her professional sponsorships include Epson, SanDisk, and Adobe.

With nearly two million social media followers industry leaders like Google, Macworld, and WPPI regularly seek her out as a speaker and judge. She is the former co-host and producer of TWiT Photo (named “Best New Tech Podcast” on iTunes) and the creator of Top Model Release, a revolutionary iOS app that digitizes and simplifies the model release process.

Catherine is a driven perfectionist, unapologetic tech geek, and charismatic public figure. She loves dancing to electronic music, skiing bluebird powder days, and singing really loudly when no one is around.

View the video above to find out more about Master Catherine Hall.

Story by Catherine Hall, Master

Grand Library Editor's Pick

Back To Basics - Slow down and see photographically

by Valérie Jardin

After working as a commercial photographer for 15 years, Valérie is now living the dream and only shoots for herself. She does what she loves mostly by educating others via international photo workshops, mentoring, speaking and writing. She also hosts her very own podcast, Street Focus , on the TWiP network. For Valérie, it’s all about sharing her passion for photography and in the video above she discusses how we can improve our images by slowing down and seeing photographically

Find out about Valérie over at her photography site or follow her on Google+.

Story by Valérie Jardin, Master

The Founders' Files

Vulnerability is the Heart of Our Culture

What am I going to say that will be interesting to thousands of people!? IF they read it, will they think I’m crazy!?"

This is what through my mind about 100 times before I wrote this article.

The feeling was identical to what I experienced during my first Level 4 critique session with Robin Griggs Wood. I was a little overwhelmed and nervous about sharing my work with the world. Opening myself up to critique. I knew it would lead to improvement but I feared the process. I powered through it and was rewarded with several insights about my own imagination, creativity and what I should practice in order to improve along my learning path. Being vulnerable, putting myself out there, created new opportunities for growth.

After my critique, I felt like I passed through a gate. Being vulnerable was the key to that gate. The key to one more step along my learning path. Without the opportunity to be vulnerable, I don’t know if I could have progressed on my learning path. This goodness happens when every Member of The Arcanum nurtures and protects our culture of vulnerability and service. When we do this together, we enjoy an environment in which it is safe to be vulnerable. We share openly with an expectation of receiving courteous and constructive critique, absent of ridicule and rejection.

P.S. If you’re interested in learning more about how important vulnerability is to the creative process, check out this TED Talk by Brene Brown on the Power of Vulnerability.

Story by Peter Giordano, The Arcanum CEO

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