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Volume 3,0

Do you know what the world is missing?

An awesome photography competition where Master photographers present the work of their Apprentices and then cast votes on their competitors’ work. Oh wait… we have that...

The Creation Wars is a photography competition where hosts Trey Ratcliff and Gino Barasa sit down with a few Masters of The Arcanum who present the work of their apprentices to be critiqued and voted on by their fellow competitors.

You can watch the Creation Wars LIVE each Monday evening at 6PM PT / 9PM ET (2AM GMT). Look for the event link to be posted on The Arcanum or Trey’s social media channels. You can catch up on your own time too. Watch the latest episode now.

Image by Corinne Federer and presented by Master David Marx during Episode 5.


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Apprentice Spotlight

Shari Miller

Sphere 1 - Level 13 Apprentice

Shari Miller shares the story behind her image 'Butterfly in the Ethereal Realm' which was shot in the Museum of Natural History in Washington, DC.

"Dozens of these winged creatures were flying around & landing. Landing, then flying. Many, such as this one, seemed drab on the outside yet were stunningly vibrant on the inside. I attempted to capture one with its wings open - but kept missing the shot. Instead, I caught many of the outside. Of the so-called drab - of that which seemed "ugly." And yet, with a belief that there IS beauty somewhere within everything (& everyone) & with a sense that we are called to draw the beauty out in places where it might otherwise be difficult to see (and with a little help from my Muse & Lightroom), this final image emerged."

Shari Miller seeks beauty in the ordinary & in brokenness. With her work, she invites people to see beauty where it might be overlooked. She enjoys playing with light & shadow, illumination & reflection, juxtaposition & paradox. Shari captures most of her images in the natural studio the earth offers along the shores of Saylorville Lake, in the yard outside her home, and wherever else she happens to wander with her camera.

View Shari's amazing portfolio at her site or follow her on G+, Facebook or her blog.

Story by Shari Miller, Sphere 1 - Level 13

Meet the Master

Robin Griggs Wood and The Myth of Talent

Level 20 Master

Did someone ever say, "You weren’t talented enough"? Maybe you just felt that way? Find out why you’re wrong...

I chose Master Robin Griggs Woods' amazing The Myth of Talent video as it not only introduces an awesome Master but also a really inspiring concept; that 'talent' is but a myth. I came across this concept when I first started as a fresh faced Apprentice many months ago and it is the biggest lesson I’ve learned while in The Arcanum. Photography is art, pursuing that art requires skills, dedication and a drive to keep learning and doing more. Robin’s video was the first step in my journey to discovering my creative and artistic self and I wanted to share that with others. Spend five minutes with Robin in the video above to discover more about this inspiring artist.

Robin Griggs Wood has been mentoring and helping people find their creative selves for the last decade. Robin challenges the notion of 'talent' every day through her G+ Mentorship for Photographers. Robin is adept at photography, post processing and traditional media such as acrylic, oils watercolor and so much more. Her digital work replicating natural media is amazing. Find out more about Robin Griggs Wood at her website or G+.

Story and Robin's Bio by Tiff Gilleland, Sphere 1 - Level 11

Grand Library Editor's Pick

Purifying Vibrant Colors with Luminosity Masks

by James Brandon

Is your sunset looking a little dull? Or maybe you have some other vibrant colors that aren't popping as much as you'd like?

Master James Brandon demonstrates this simple technique; using a Luminosity Mask to remove the muddiness in your colors. Watch the video above and take your images to the next level. If this video inspires you, please post your images on social channels with the tags #purify #TheArcanum. We'd love to see your work.

Discover more from James Brandon over at his website or follow him on G+.

Story by Tiff Gilleland, Sphere 1 - Level 11

The Founders' Files

A War Worth Fighting

"I know the things I should be able to accomplish, and I don’t want to do so.” – The Alchemist

Perfecting a skill and achieving success require tens of thousands of hours of hard work. Great photographers didn't just buy a camera and immediately take beautiful photos. They put in thousands of hours slowly perfecting their skill, often in solitude. Many people refuse to put in the effort required to achieve their dreams. They lament about being stuck in a dead-end job and jealously label the success of others as pure luck.

Gary Vanderchuck, Seth Godin, Steven Pressfield and countless others keep reminding us that there is absolutely no substitute for long hours of hard work. This applies to your career, your health, your family and your friends. There are no shortcuts or quick fixes to learning a new skill, getting healthy, or building meaningful relationships.

If you're not doing what you love then the battle that you must fight and win is within you. Pressfield calls it the War of Art. It is a war worth waging but it may require great sacrifice. You will likely have to give up some things that you love but which are ultimately holding you back from achieving your dreams. It may be an addiction, a habit or even a relationship. Whatever the case may be the war can be won and once you're on the other side of the pain of change you can enjoy the spoils of victory.

Story by Curtis Simmons, COO/CTO, The Arcanum

Newsletter Editor: Tiff Gilleland, Sphere 1 - Level 11
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