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Volume 4,0

The importance of email addresses...

As part of your Arcanum experience so far, you assigned a Google+ account with your application. Well done!

We appreciate that your Google+ account (and associated email address) may not be your main point of contact. It is hugely important that we have the best email address for you in your Arcanum profile. This will ensure we can reach you when a Master invites you to be an Apprentice.

Take Stephan Bollinger for example. He has just become a Master (check out his excellent introduction video here) ...we would hate for anyone he invites to miss their email due to an outdated or incomplete application!

Follow these instructions on how to provide a preferred email address for future communications...

Simply log into your account at The Arcanum, click on your personal profile in the upper left. On the on Profile tab you will see a place to provide an alternative email address.


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Apprentice Spotlight

Mark Reierson

Sphere 1 - Level 17 Apprentice

Mark is an apprentice in Valerie Jardin’s Street Photography Cohort. He is a recent entrant into the world of Street Photography. As a father of three small children with very limited time to pursue the craft, Mark found a way to expand his photographic skills. On a whim in early 2014, he began the 100 Stranger project. Accepting technical challenges of noon hour lighting and stretching himself beyond his comfort zone to engage with people on the street.

"I am a natural introvert so for most of the project I was terrified as I stepped out of my office into the street. It got slightly better as I progressed but what became the driving force was the connections with people on the street. Not all encounters were like this but enough of the conversations amazed me that it overpowered my fear. I really think that the project and subsequent street work has changed me, it feeds compassion in me, erodes away my prejudice. I would say that talking to people on the street, with a camera in my hand is like a drug to me, the highs from the experience are amazing and I truly feel withdrawal when for whatever reason I cannot get out there."

Street portraiture can be a challenge, talking to strangers a greater one, but Mark is emphatic that the benefits and rewards are worth pushing past your fear. His 100 Strangers project can be found on his site and his street work on Flickr, G+, Instagram, 500px or Twitter.

Story by Mark Reierson, Sphere 1 - Level 17

Meet the Master

Jessica Lark

Level 20 Master

Even after success began to find me the criticisms shifted, but never ebbed. I was considered promiscuous and to be disgracing those associated with me by blood or other ties with my lewd imagery. I was ostracized by fellow artists as being a sellout because if I made money it somehow made my art matter less. If I shot just for personal expression I was not a business person. I have been called a mom-apher as some bored little housewife playing with a camera, and then told I only got to where I am because I had a husband helping financially support our family while I struck out on this journey. When I achieved enough proficiency to feel I had something to share I was told I didnt have the experience to teach.

The bottom line is I've learned that there will always be the negative voices. The people who beat on your dreams because it reminds them they didn't find the courage to chase their own. They make judgements based on outside perspectives, on poorly informed opinions, and speak of their own insecurities, not your failings. I know why I do what I do, where my heart is in it, and the truth of my character. I know that anyone who has spent enough time to know me, rather than supposing, has found the same, and all of those people have stayed in my life, and become essential. From clients, to family, to colleagues.

Find out more about Jessica Lark at her website or Google+. Be sure to read her full post, from which the above excerpts were taken.

Story by Stuart Davidson, Sphere 1 - Level 19 from words by Jessica Lark

Grand Library Editor's Pick

How to use the Lightroom Tone Curve

by David Marx

Greetings. My name is David Marx. I teach Adobe Photoshop Lightroom online and lead digital photography field workshops. I have been teaching photography full-time since 2002 and my Lightroom articles and video tutorials have helped to educate thousands of Lightroom enthusiasts over the past seven years.

My upcoming Winter in Yellowstone National Park Photography Workshop is completely sold out, but there is room for a few more guests on my Northern Lights Photography Adventure up in Churchill, Manitoba in early March, 2015. I am not going to lie to you. Churchill is a cold place to visit even in March, but this is statistically one of the best places on Earth for Aurora Borealis photography. This is the kind of unique learning adventure that I would love to share with some of you here at The Arcanum. To see more of my photography, or to learn more about my workshops and Photoshop Lightroom training opportunities, please visit my website at or add me to your circles on Google+.

Happy Holidays!

Story by David Marx, Master

The Founders' Files

A word from Trey...

I wanted to take a moment out and congratulate Les Imgrund for his incredible story here at The Arcanum. He's a perfect example of what we expected to happen here on occasion — when an Apprentice becomes a Master! It's the perfect example of how we plan to re-invent education: to make it truly personalized and self-replicating using bottom-up-design.

We're close to announcing the new formalized system we're calling "The Path of the Protégé." So stay tuned for this in the next few weeks!

Story by Trey Ratcliff, Master, Level z, The Arcanum

Newsletter Editor: Stuart Davidson, Sphere 1 - Level 19
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