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Volume 6,0

Hard to believe it's been over a year

Time flies when you're having fun! That's exactly what Masters and Apprentices have been doing since April 2014 when The Arcanum opened it's hallowed doors... all while learning, of course. Months before the launch, we released our website to being accepting applications in late 2013.

This week we re-launched our website, bringing you a fresh new look plus the latest information about The Arcanum, its Masters and Apprentices. You can see a small preview of the site below. We would love for you to check it out. You can learn more about the Magical Learning Experience, meet the Masters, hear epic stories of life change, and more!

You can also learn more about the Grand Library. It contains a vast library of education resources that you can leverage before a Master selects you for an Apprenticeship.

Header Image by Apprentice Lisa Speakman. The image was featured in The Creation Wars Episode 10


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Apprentice Spotlight

Enrique Pelaez

Level 12 Apprentice

Our Apprentice in the Spotlight for this newsletter falls on the award winning Enrique Pelaez, an Apprentice with Master Robin Griggs Wood. His black and white images are nothing short of spectacular! Recently they were recognised in the International Photography Awards Still Life Category. Enrique can be seen talking with Robin in this video where he discusses how joining The Arcanum is "one of the best decisions I've made to improve my photography". Here is what Enrique has to say about his art:

"My photography work is mainly about expressing the world we all live in when we 'close our eyes and see'. Dreams, fears, loved ones, angels, demons, hopes, flowers, faces, ethereal landscapes and seascapes are all recurrent topics in my work that I believe are part of this 'collage' we create in our own private internal world.

My camera and post-processing mechanisms are the tools I use to create these imperfect representations of the internal world I intensely live in. Black and White is my favorite way to express my work because I believe this medium is the perfect medium to create a parallel, alternative reality that is more suitable to closely reproduce people’s internal realities."

Find out more about Enrique, including his full artist statement over at his website or follow him on Google+ and Facebook.

Story by Stuart Davidson, Sphere 1 - Level 19

Meet the Master

A.D. Wheeler

Level 20 Master

A.D.Wheeler is an award winning travel photographer based in New York. His specialty is out of the way and sometimes desolate locations. Over the past 8 years he has perfected his "Abandonscape" photography through the use of 32bit high dynamic range photography and his own unique brand of post processing wizardry.

A.D.'s work has been featured on countless blogs and in publications including Nevada (US), and f/11 (NZ) magazines. In 2013, A.D. was featured as a rising star on National Public Television in the US as seen in his Meet The Master video. Today you can find the majority of A.D.'s works and writings on his blog and his website A.D. also works with the New York Preservation League as well as several Historical Societies up and down the east coast to preserve history through photography and raise awareness in repurposing abandoned buidlings and locations.

In 2015, A.D. will be showcasing his photography on metal at two solo gallery showings on the east coast at Tapp's Gallery in Columbia, South Carolina and at Community Arts of Elmira, New York. A.D. and fellow Master Ollie Dale plan to take America by storm in July 2015 with 20+ days of workshops and photowalks, stay tuned!

Follow A.D. on Google+ or at his websites; and

Story by A.D. Wheeler, Master

Grand Library Editor's Pick

Processing The Winged Wanderer

by Cliff Baise

Master Cliff Baise walks us through his processing of an image from Burning Man. In this video we learn how he adds his own style to the photograph as well as techniques for adding in completely new elements and replacing others.

Find out more about Cliff Baise at Google+ or on his website.

Story by Stuart Davidson, Sphere 1 - Level 19

The Founders' Files

Boiling Your Dream

"In the long run, what people think about shepherds and bakers becomes more important for them than their own Personal Legends." – Paulo Coelho, The Alchemist

Inside of each of us lies our "personal legend", our dream, our unique calling from God. As a child we lie awake dreaming about what we want to do when we grow up. Some want to become a musician, an artist, a professional athlete, a doctor, a teacher, a filmmaker. We dream of leaving our mark on the world through our work, of making an impact, doing something to change the world or simply bring joy to others.

A few people pursue those dreams and sadly even fewer achieve them. We’re told it’s impossible, we use love as excuse, we fear failure and we fear success. We end up playing it safe. We take the easy road. We get the college degree our parents wanted. We take the corporate job. We marry and have 2.2 kids and 2.2 dogs in suburbia. And over time, at an almost imperceptible pace, the dream slowly fades and this manufactured career becomes predominant. Just like a frog who patiently sits in cool water while the water slowly heats to a boil, our dream dies.

What I’m learning is that it’s never too late to revive that dream and pursue your calling. It requires a powerful combination of both faith and action, but it is possible. It's our hope that The Arcanum can play a role in bringing your dream into reality.

Story by Curtis Simmons, COO and Co-Founder, The Arcanum

Newsletter Editor: Stuart Davidson, Sphere 1 - Level 19
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