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Volume 7,0

A New Path

We’re so excited to announce the Path of the Protégé. Thanks to Masters Jessica Lark and Ron Clifford we have this amazing program to allow chosen Apprentices to become Masters. Graduates of the path will emerge with quality skills in mentoring and supporting the next round of apprentices, especially through the first twenty levels.

For those still patiently waiting to begin their journey with The Arcanum, we’re not rushing the process but with the help of this path we look forward to you joining us sooner.

Find out more about The Path of the Protégé in Trey’s video below or on The Arcanum website.

Header Image by Apprentice Anthony Portal. The image was featured in The Creation Wars Episode 10


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Apprentice Spotlight

Michael Jolliffe

Level 19 Apprentice

Michael Jolliffe is from Sydney Australia, and is a member of Valerie Jardin’s Street photography cohort. He enjoys making candid portraits of friends and family as well as strangers on the street. He focuses on composition and interactions.

"Exercise in reflections. Just shot and edited this, I have been playing around with mirrors and optical objects to create interest points in hoping that I can incorporate them into my bag of tricks. Pretty happy with how this one turned out. I set it up as a still life, organising the objects, lining up shapes, notice the squares and circles. With one softbox to camera left, knowing that I wanted to convert to black and white and bring out some metallic detail in the box camera, retaining some shadows. An LED torch was placed at the bottom of the prism to create some highlights and an extra light point of interest.

I converted to black and white using Silver FX Pro and dropped some control points on the out of focus areas to reduce the "presence" or sharpening on these areas and some control points over the eye to give more detail and less contrast in this area. I like my Black and White images to contain shades in all zones, so I adjusted the tone curve, highlight and shadow slider to balance out my tones to suit my preferences. It was a fun spur of the moment experimentation!"

Find out more about Michael over at his website or follow him on Google+.

Story by Michael Jolliffe, Sphere 1 - Level 19

Meet the Master

Trace Aiken

Level 20 Master

I have been both a student and a teacher of photography most of my life. I was blessed to have had an amazing mentor at the beginning of my journey more than thirty years ago, who opened up the world of photography to me and taught me the meticulous craftsmanship of this expressive art, and gave me free reign to experiment to my heart's content. As a Master in The Arcanum, it is my privilege to honor the legacy I was given and continue to teach and mentor others in finding and nurturing their own creative voices.

Discover more from Trace Aiken over at his website or follow him on Google+.

Story by Trace Aiken, Level 20 Master

Grand Library Editor's Pick

Changing Colors with the Graduated Filter and Color Wash techniques in Adobe Lightroom

by David Marx

I demonstrate two ways to dramatically improve the colors in a landscape photograph using the White Balance and the Color Wash feature within Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 5's Graduated Filter. I wanted to explore a different use of the Graduated Filter so I picked out two images where the interplay of strong warm and cool colors is needed to create a dynamic compelling image.

In this video, and in a lot of my tutorials, I stress the importance of photographing warm and cool colors together. This warm vs. cool color contrast is something that the human eye loves and enhancing these elements always adds pop to our photographs. As you will see in the tutorial, there are some muted colors in my original raw captures but the original images lack power and punch until I improve each image using a pair of Graduated Filters.

Find out more about David Marx at Google+ or on his website.

Story by David Marx, Level 20 Master

The Founders' Files

Courage is in Shorter Supply than Genius

I read this quote 4 times in a row while reading Peter Thiel’s book Zero to One. It’s related to a profound question he asks: What important truth do very few people agree with you on? Of course, these questions are in the context of building a business. It takes courage to create a future few people agree with you on. Trey, Curtis and I feel as though we’re doing that with The Arcanum. Most people believe that in order to learn you need to consume content that was selected by someone else, in the order arranged by someone else. The goal is passing a test developed by someone else. But the truth is that people learn best when their goals are placed at the center of the learning experience. This truth is the heart of The Arcanum.

I think Thiel’s profound statements and question are key to unlocking your own creativity. It occurred to me that seeking your own creative vision is about developing your own genius. To develop your own creative vision you must be vulnerable and take the path that few others consider practical. You need to be courageous.

Turns out you need to be courageous in order to unlock your creativity, your vision, your genius.

Being courageous and having a unique learning path doesn’t mean going it alone. Collaborating and supporting each other in our Community surrounds each of us with a support network that makes it that much easier to be courageous. To seek our unique genius, but with each other.

You are courageous. You will find your genius. You are among others like you that will help you on your path. As I mentioned in one of the recent newsletters, "It’s what we do together that makes belonging to The Arcanum matter."

Story by Peter Giordano, CEO and Co-Founder, The Arcanum

Newsletter Editor: Tiff Gilleland, Sphere 1 - Level 13
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