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Volume 8,0

Let's get Spherical

When The Arcanum began taking on Apprentices last year, Level 20 seemed quite some way away. A land of mystery just past the horizon. More and more though Apprentices are reaching that stage of their journey and gathering in their hidden Rathskeller. Many surprises await in there, but to ensure that we all know what to expect from Sphere 2, Trey, Curtis and Pete have been busy releasing content.

In the video below Trey talks through some of the Sphere 2 experience and as a companion piece, he and Pete chat through some common questions here.

If that isn't enough for you, why not check out The Gathering, where Curtis and Pete sit down with Masters and Apprentices to discuss The Arcanum experience, including questions from the audience.

Header Image by Apprentice Paul Griffiths.


Watch the Sphere 2 Q+A


Apprentice Spotlight

Nick Nieto

Level 15 Apprentice

Nick Nieto is from Portland, Oregon and is a member of Mason Marsh's general photography cohort. Here is what he had to say about himself.

"I'm a native to the Pacific Northwest and feel at home in the cold and rain.

For me photography is about the process of building and creating things. I have a hard time thinking of myself as an artist, but rather strive to be considered a craftsman.

Looking at the details, tones, shades and how all those things can combine to make the final image is what it's about. My interests with photography are across the board. Some weeks I'm shooting travel and landscapes. The next week lit portraits, architecture and food. I don’t photograph much wildlife... but I would like to change that."

Find out more about Nick over at his website or follow him on Google+.

Story by Nick Nieto, Sphere 1 - Level 15

Meet the Master

Scott Wyden Kivowitz

Level 20 Master

Scott Wyden Kivowitz is a photographer out of New Jersey, a blogger, author and educator. Scott is also the Community and Blog Wrangler at Photocrati Media where he engages with other photographers to discuss and offer advice for their WordPress websites. He says of himself...

I believe in honest and straight to the point education, with no hidden or sneaky messages. I believe in not holding back, and always sharing knowledge. I make photographs for me, and enjoy helping other photographers make photographs for themselves as well.

In April Scott will be running an Arcanum Photowalk in New York. Starting at South Street Seaport and ending near the Freedom Tower it will give Masters, Apprentices and Applicants the oppertunity to meet in person. Photowalks are always great fun, but add The Arcanum and it should hit another level. To find out more, check out the event page.

Discover more from Scott over at his website or follow him on Google+.

Story by Scott Wyden Kivowitz, Level 20 Master

Grand Library Editor's Pick

Lightroom 5 in 5 minute Segments

by AD Wheeler

Master AD Wheeler has recently started uploading a new series of short videos to the Grand Library. They are designed to explain the key features of Adobe Lightroom in quick, easy to watch segments. You can see the first video, covering how to navigate within Lightroom, by clicking above. Then be sure to watch the rest of the series via The Grand Library.

Find out more about AD at Google+ or on his website.

Story by AD Wheeler, Level 20 Master

The Founders' Files

Hustling to get into a Position of Possibility…

A couple of years ago I got the opportunity to hear artist and photography Jeremy Cowart share several stories behind some of his most beautiful and well known photographs.

He told us how he talked his way backstage at a concert and was specifically instructed not to take any portrait shots. Yet when he happened to see Sting he couldn’t resist. Sting loved the photo so much it became his profile pic. Jeremy explained how he bartered for a gym membership in exchange for some photos. They liked them so much they later asked him to take some photos of a football team that was in town, a team that happened to include Tim Tebow. That photo eventually became the cover of Tebow's biography. He also spoke about the time he negotiated his way into the Country Music awards and while back there took the photo of a relatively unknown (at that time) but rising star named Taylor Swift. And he told us how he agrees to take photos of many, many young bands, most who never make it big, but one did… the Civil Wars.

These photos are now iconic images in Jeremey's portfolio. None of them would’ve happened without him asking, negotiating and hustling his way into position. More often than not his hard work results in nothing particular interesting but on a few occasions something magical happens. I'm sure all of the Masters in The Arcanum can tell similar stories.

Over the last few years I’ve been blessed in countless ways. I've traveled around the world with Trey Ratcliff. I've met countless amazing artists, successful entrepreneurs and interesting people. And I'm now part of an amazing team that has helped bring The Arcanum from a napkin sketch to reality in less than a year. When I reflect back on how I got here I’m reminded that it wasn’t simply luck or a single major decision. It was countless small moments over a period of months or even years where I hustled to get into a position of possibility.

Story by Curtis Simmons, COO/CTO and Co-Founder, The Arcanum

Newsletter Editor: Stuart Davidson, Sphere 2 - Level 20
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