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Volume 9,0

Finding the passion

We focus on telling applicants to write from the heart, be themselves and show their passion. But what do you do when a blank page and a flashing cursor are all that stares back at you?

Start by imagining you are writing to an old friend, someone you haven’t seen in years but with whom you feel completely comfortable.

Don’t just focus on the what but explain the reasons behind your choices. Why do you love photography? If you didn’t enjoy or want to improve your art, you probably wouldn’t be reading this Newsletter, but everyone’s answer to ‘why’ will be completely different. This is a large part of revealing who you are as well as your approach to art, life and the universe.

That’s the key to attracting a like-minded Master, being brave and revealing a part of yourself in the application. You don’t need to add your deepest darkest secrets but opening up and being your authentic self will help.

Use the button below to add more passion to your current application. Masters are coming on board and selecting apprentices every week. Don’t miss out!

Header Image by Apprentice Victoria Mejeika and featured on Creation Wars Episode 10.

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Apprentice Spotlight

Jake McCluskey

Level 20 Apprentice

Recently, I interviewed Apprentice Jake McCluskey. He shared some images, talked about his experience in The Arcanum and then we dived into his latest business venture, Shutter Click Adventures. Jake is working with Masters and Apprentices to provide photography adventures in locations around the world. Trips are filled with the maximum shooting time possible rather than hours spent editing during your travels.

Jake has been joined by some amazing photographers; A.D.Wheeler, Mason Marsh, Angela B.Pan, Stuart Davidson, Lisa Speakman, Caleb Asch and Toni McGee Causey, at the time of writing, to provide the best possible experience in learning and travelling to new places to get the perfect shot.

If you’d like to discover Scotland with Stuart Davidson, explore Japan with Angela B.Pan and so much more, head over to Shutter Click Adventures after viewing the video.

Jake McCluskey is the owner of Shutter Click Adventures which is based out of North Dakota. He loves to shoot landscape, HDR as well as black and white photography. In December of 2014 he decided to follow this love of photography and travel leaving the corporate world and starting this company. He believes that each photo should tell a story and that you can find a story everywhere you look, you just need to know what to look for. To see his work or learn more visit Jake's personal website.

Story by Tiff Gilleland, Sphere 1 - Level 13 and Jake McCluskey, Level 20

Meet the Master

Les Imgrund

Level 20 Master

I have been a person of many hats in my life. Teacher, Athlete, Outdoor Guide, Paramedic. But, I have always turned to photography to keep me grounded and focused on the world around me. I love Nature. I love being outdoors. There is something beautiful about seeing what Nature is able to do and how it can make you feel. Through all of my life, I have mentored, instructed and taught in whatever I have been working in. I was an Apprentice. Now I am a Master. And so my journey continues. I will always be an Apprentice. Always looking for ways to see and do what I love. Now I get to share with people who love photography as much as I do. We get to learn together. See. Feel. Believe.

Discover more from Master Les Imgrund over at his website or follow him at G+.

Story by Les Imgrund, Level 20 Master

Grand Library Editor's Pick

Shooting the Super Moon using The Photographer’s Ephemeris

by Mason Marsh

Want to learn how to use a powerful web application to plan your landscape shoot around celestial events? Master Mason Marsh uses the Super Moon as the example but this can be applied to any number of situations.

Mason talks through his thinking and planning process in an easy to follow way and is worth a look if you want to improve your photography or if you want to catch the next Super Moon.

Discover more about Mason Marsh on G+ or over at his website.

Want to see more great tutorials like this? Now anyone with a completed application can sign up to The Grand Library for a small monthly fee.

Story by Tiff Gilleland, Sphere 1 - Level 13. Video by Mason Marsh, Level 20 Master

The Founders' Files

Having a Purpose for your Art

I spend a lot of time studying painters and painting. One thing I've always admired is the extreme amount of time it requires to complete a single work. But if you look at any one completed painting, I notice there is always a very nice story or purpose around it. Or, with a series of paintings, there is often a theme, or at least a dialectic, around the works. I believe this is because it takes so long and there is such commitment that the artist creates a larger purpose that often evades we ephemeral photographers. I use this as a reminder to have a bit more purpose with the more significant photos I attempt to create.

I just watched a nice little YouTube video on Gerhard Richter, the famous German painter. He paints all sorts of things, but I thought this one about painting things that appear to be photos to be particularly interesting.


Story by Trey Ratcliff, Level Z

Newsletter Editor: Tiff Gilleland, Sphere 1 - Level 13
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